Your Markets


AMETEK Specialty Metals Products has served the Aerospace Market for more than 20 years. Primarily our shaped wire products have served the aerospace fastener market but we have also produced wires for engine sealing applications, nickel strip for aerospace battery applications, and materials for landing gear bushings.


The growing electronics industry has been a major market for AMETEK Products. Our Nickel Strip materials have offered design solutions for major manufacturers for many years. New growth opportunities continue with our PfinodalĀ® strip products and Thermal Management Materials.

Flux Cored Weld Wire

AMETEK Specialty Metal Products is the premier producer of premium sheathing materials for Flux Cored and Metal Cored weld wire producers. Our blending capabilities for Cobalt, Nickel, Chrome and Iron offer limitless alloying capabilities.


AMETEK supports the medicals markets in a diverse range of products. Whether shaping wire for orthodontics, producing standard sizes of toothbrush staple wire, or pushing the boundaries of implantable alloys AMETEK can generate solutions to market problems.

Mining and Drilling

The Drilling Industry has been utilizing AMETEK's C72900 Pfinodal® bearing materials to extend drill bit life for more than two decades. The knowledge we've gained through intimate work in the industry has allowed us to offer turnkey solutions to industry problems.


Harnessing the efficient transmission of power whether cross country or within medical settings continues to improve the human experience. AMETEK's range of products to support the market offers customization to solve specific customer problems.